Before you can choose the right glass storefront for your business, you should learn the top qualities of commercial glass. Many stores have been using them for years mainly to attract the attention of shoppers, clients, and employees.

Installing a glass panel for your storefront can be complicated if you don’t know where to turn. Here is how to find the best glass storefront glazing.

Top 4 Advantages of a High-Quality Glass Storefront

The main purpose of glass storefronts is to attract customers. Besides that, they provide some additional benefits like the followings:

1) Energy Efficiency

Many store owners don’t even think of these, but storefront glass plays a huge role in energy regulation. Most stores today have an HVAC system. However, stores with glass fronts pay less in energy bills.

The glass reflects a significant portion of the sunlight and UV rays and facilitates temperature control on the inside. You don’t have to run the HVAC system around the clock; thus, fewer energy bills.

2) Brand Promotion

Pedestrians will glimpse your store before entering if you have a glass storefront. This marketing automatically promotes your brand without you spending any extra.

Your regular customers will come to your store without any persuasion, but having a glass storefront will attract many new customers who wouldn’t come to your store otherwise. Marketing is the key to expanding your brand, and the glass storefront will do that for free.

3) Enhanced Security

You may think that glass fronts are a security threat because it exposes your store’s valuable items to potential burglars, but it’s the other way around.

Glassed fronts increase visibility for individuals both inside and outside. So, you or your security personnel can see any nefarious activities from miles away.

4) Customer Convenience

Many customers hesitate to enter a shop if they don’t have the intention to purchase. This trend is because many store owners don’t like the practice that people enter and roam the store without purchasing anything.

When you have a glass front, it automatically eliminates the inconvenience factor. Customers can look at what you have from the outside, so both parties stay happy.

When to REPAIR Your Glass Storefront

Storefront glass plays a huge role in promoting your brand to customers. At the same time, it also has to protect the store from potential theft and burglary. If there is any damage to your glass, it threatens potential buyers’ security, aesthetics, and impression.

So, if the damage is too little to have any significance, or you can barely notice it, repairing it might save the day. Replacing storefront glass is more expensive than repairing it, so it should be an option only when repairing isn’t viable.

In such cases, you should consult professionals for suggestions.

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When to REPLACE Your Glass Storefront

There are some instances when repairing your storefront glass isn’t enough. Replacing is the only option you have left. Here are the top reasons to replace storefront glass:

  • The foggy appearance of the glass
  • Any signs of leakage
  • Irreversible damage such as broken seals
  • Any visible damage like cracks or tear
  • Altered thermal integrity

Top 4 Attributes of a High-Quality Glass Storefront

You can’t just install a glass panel in front of your store right away; many factors come into play. Here is what you should look for when choosing glass panels for your storefront:

Glass Type

There are various types of glass available for use as a storefront. You have to determine what you want and make your choice accordingly. Transparent glass is the most popular choice for storefronts. This type of glass gives the passersby a clear view of the interior.

Tinted or coated glass does not offer an in-depth view like transparent glass. These glass types are good for privacy, protecting the inside from scorching sunlight and providing customers just enough view to see the displayed products.

Frosted glass is almost the same as tinted glass with better privacy.

Sun Protection

Sun damage is a big concern for store owners, especially clothing and jewelry shops. Sunlight can cause the color to fade over time. Choosing glass is very important to protect your products.

Insulated glasses like dual pane glass, gas-filled glass, or treated glass are suitable for repelling harmful sunlight and protecting valuable items of your shop.


Glass storefronts can attract customers and unwanted visitors. Glass is a big temptation for thieves and burglars.

If the glass is weak or the thieves have the right equipment, breaking the glass and stealing your stuff will be a cakewalk. Especially in the nighttime, when there is no one around, they take all the time they need to break.

Bad weather can also cause damage to glass storefronts. There are many glass types for added security, such as tempered glass, security glass, wired glass, and laminated glass.

Security glass holds together even after breaking, preventing thieves from entering. Other glasses have varying safety features.


Privacy isn’t much of a concern for many because it’s a shop, not a house. But still, there are good options to protect your privacy.

Frosted glass is the best option for added privacy. This glass has a cloudy appearance that makes the glass less transparent. It prevents people outside from completely viewing the interior except for a few feet inside.

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How to Find the Right Commercial Canopy

A canopy is essential for any commercial space, especially those with a glass front. A properly placed canopy regulates heat and wind that enters the building, thus saving quite a lot of money in energy bills. Also, customers glancing through the glass front will get shade thanks to the canopy.

There are some key factors that you should look into when buying a commercial canopy. Let’s take a look at them:


Commercial canopies aren’t cheap. Also, they have to undergo bad weather quite frequently. So, durability is a big issue. If the canopy isn’t durable, you might have to bear costly repairs.

Easy Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the key to the longevity of any product. Easy maintenance is the predisposing factor to a longer lifespan. If maintenance is expensive, that’s not economically viable for the consumer.

Right Contractor

As I discussed above, the right contractor for installing a canopy is very important, just like storefronts. These are complex tasks that require mastery and precision. The right contractor will save you lots of potential troubles.

Why You Need An Expert Glass Installer

Contractors who work with glass fronts for various stores deal with more than small-time contractors who work with homeowners. Commercial installation is more expensive and elaborate.

By making sure that your contractor is licensed and has legitimate work permission, you know that the best in the business is dealing with your glass storefront and window replacements. It also saves you from potential legal troubles due to accidents during the job.

Expert workers know what they are doing, so you can depend on them without hesitation. They will also guarantee that you can avoid costly repairs within a specific period.

Key Takeaways

Glass commercial storefront serves so many different purposes, all for the betterment of your business. Additional measures, such as installing a canopy, complement the already beautiful storefront.

Besides knowing how to find the best glass storefront glazing, being aware of relevant factors like storefront glass window repair, and window replacement will allow you to save a handsome amount.

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