Seasonal Rooms & Screen Porch Enclosures

Modern Glazing’s seasonal rooms and screen porch enclosures are a safe, proven way to transform your backyard into a gorgeous, inviting atmosphere for your family.


Are you looking to reinvent your backyard to get the most out of your spring and summer? Don’t settle for outdated patio furniture or a crumbling deck. We can help you reimagine outdoor luxury with our stunning seasonal rooms and porch enclosures.

We’ve manufactured and installed superior quality seasonal room and screen porch enclosures since 1952. To ensure the highest quality finished product, we tailor every one of our sunroom additions to your specifications. Our skilled craftsmen factory test every part of your outdoor additions to breathe new life into your home.

Our seasonal sunrooms and solariums are built out of robust and durable aluminum, tested to withstand cold New England winters and keep you comfortable. Our three-season rooms, four-season rooms, and enclosed patios become the star centerpiece of any home’s classic appeal.

We design each all-season sunroom or enclosed patio to fit your family’s needs and tastes. We keep your room fully customizable during the entire project, offering you complete control to produce guaranteed stylish results.

Ready to visualize your next future deck or patio? View our gallery below for stunning examples of our seasonal room and screen porch enclosures!

Three-Season and Four-Season Rooms

If you’re looking to renovate an existing deck or patio into a new and improved enclosure, you’re in the right hands. We’ve created simple decks with the addition of a four-season gable-style sunroom. We can build these enclosures to open onto a traditional deck on one side or an entryway on the other.

And if you’re worried about humidity or pests, we’ve got you covered. Our sunrooms provide a bug-free, climate-controlled paradise in warmer weather. For the winter months, the ample sunlight that shines through our beautiful glass provides a warm and cozy place to enjoy watching the snow.

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Screen Porch Enclosures

Our screen enclosures allow for a safe and relaxing outdoor experience — enjoy the best of the outdoors, without any of the pests.

Screen Repair

Screens rip and break. The sun is beating down on your screen porch all day, and it started to peel or stain. We are a company of professional screen porch repairmen who know how important your screens are to your home and we do everything possible for them to last We offer you an affordable option for restoring the beauty of your screen porch. Our service ensures that your screens remain strong and in good condition so that it lasts for years to come.

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