Summer is right around the corner. What better place to hold outdoor picnics and get-togethers than a screen patio enclosure? Outdoor living spaces are touching new heights of appeal for all those who love basking and relaxing in the sunlight. Summertime is ideal for constructing a personal outdoor space if you enjoy having one.

The patio is one of the most significant parts of any outdoor space. During the summer, you don’t want the searing heat of the sun and its direct glare to hit you; therefore, some type of roofing or shading is necessary. A patio or seasonal sunroom addition is the best option to protect you from direct sun rays.

A screened-in patio is also ideal for resting, unwinding, and relaxing. After an exhausting day at work, you can relax on your patio and breathe fresh air. We can help you create a personal space fully realizing your patio aesthetic. Keep reading to learn 5 comprehensive ways to make the most of your screen patio enclosure.

What We’ll Cover:


Seasonal Decor and Styling Tips for Screen Patios

Transforming your screen patio into a summer sanctuary is all about embracing the season with style and comfort. Start by selecting durable, weather-resistant furniture that invites relaxation and complements the natural beauty of the outdoors. Accent these pieces with colorful outdoor cushions and throw pillows in vibrant summer hues or patterns that evoke the joy of sunny days.

Rugs designed for outdoor use can define the space and add a touch of warmth underfoot, making your patio feel like an extension of your indoor living space. Opt for materials that are easy to clean and resist fading.

When it comes to accessorizing, think beyond traditional decor. Incorporate lanterns or string lights to create a magical evening ambiance, perfect for extending patio use into the night. Hanging planters or a small herb garden can bring life and fragrance to your space, while wind chimes add a soothing soundtrack to your outdoor oasis.

Finally, don’t forget the power of seasonal blooms. Strategically placed flower pots or a vibrant floral centerpiece on your patio table can make the area feel lively and welcoming. Choose plants that thrive in your climate for a low-maintenance splash of color all summer long.

With these styling tips, your screen patio will become your favorite spot to unwind or entertain, fully embracing the essence of summer.

Top 5 Accessories for Your Screen Patio Enclosure

A personalized screened-in patio gives you a perfect backyard view. You can enjoy some well-deserved relaxation with your friends and family. Let’s look at the top 5 perfect additions to your home’s screen patio enclosure.

1) Patio Cover (Pergolas, Awnings, or Gazebos)

Summer days can get intense, and you don’t want to spoil the fun with scorching heat. Installing a patio cover is a simple way to escape the heat and enjoy your day. A quick and easy patio cover idea is a freestanding patio cover.

You could add a pergola, retractable awning, gazebo, or other shade structure. Elements like ceiling fans, curtains, shade sails, and roof panels are perfect companions to a screen porch enclosure. These elements allow you to filter or let in as much natural light as possible.

Patio covers also protect patio enclosures against adverse climatic conditions. Investing in a stylish patio cover could also enhance your aesthetic game. It seamlessly integrates the screened-in patios with the rest of the house. Patio covers also offer excellent design opportunities. You could add floral and lighting settings to your patio covers to create a perfect space.

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2) Patio Furniture

You can incorporate aesthetic patio furniture set-ups, motorized blinds, and other features to get the most out of your patio. Many of us love having access to our customized outdoor space all year round.

So here’s an easy trick. If you’re eager to enjoy the summer on your patio, have weather-resistant patio furniture. It allows you to use these patios and your outside area beyond summer.

You can select any material, including powder-coated steel, teak, and polyresin wicker. All of these materials can survive the elements and last for many seasons. Cover it and bring your cushions and pillows when it rains or snows.

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3) Ambient Lighting

Summer days are full of light and vitality. However, an ambient lighting system allows you to enjoy the cool breeze during the day or night. Moreover, if you want to extend the functionality of your patios, you can add ambient lighting. Lamps and torches can enhance your home’s screen porch enclosure or three-season room.

This addition will brighten up your space and enhance its aesthetics. Since it becomes darker earlier in the fall, extra lighting can help set timers to brighten your yard. Solar and LED lighting fixtures, such as path markers, spotlights, and patio string lights, are also available. You can add either of them and illuminate your spaces.

Adding light can help create a cozy screen porch you wouldn’t want to miss this summer!

How to Get the Most Out of Your Summer With a Screen Patio Enclosure - Modern Glazing - patio screening companies, patio enclosure near me, patio enclosure, patio installation, patio enclosure companies

4) Insect Repellent

Spending a summer evening with friends and family can be fun until pests appear. Mosquitoes, ants, and other unwelcome visitors are attracted to warm bodies and cool drinks. This summer, keep reading to learn simple techniques to keep bugs off your patio.

Many natural insect repellents are available that keep these unwelcome guests away from your screened-in patio. But there is no one-size-fits-all method for employing repellents to keep bugs at bay. You should examine any rot near the furniture, standing water, or other holes in your deck or patio.

You could even create a DIY insect repellent at home by combining essential oils or plants that repel insects. Depending on the pests you’re most concerned about, you can choose specific insect repellents to keep them at bay.

5) Fire Pits

Are you a fan of campfires or fire pits? Campfires and fire pits have been focal gathering places for family and friends. They’re a perfect spot to have a relaxing talk, toast some marshmallows, or exchange ghost stories and laugh. Fire pits act as a beacon, drawing all your friends and family together.

A fire pit can enhance your outdoor living space by adding beauty, warmth, and light. The fire’s atmosphere will enhance your screen porch enclosure’s dinners, resting, or entertainment.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Summer With a Screen Patio Enclosure - Modern Glazing - patio screening companies, patio enclosure near me, patio enclosure, patio installation, patio enclosure companies

Key Takeaways

Covered spaces provide shade while allowing external air to circulate. This layout maximizes your capacity to stay cool and protect you from the sun’s detrimental effects. Covers and enclosures expand living space, making it ideal for entertaining guests or relaxing with a good book. Enjoy the cool breeze without the sweltering heat!

This summer, keep cool and safe using a patio enclosure, patio cover, or screen porch enclosure.

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