Energy Star savings windows
Glass & Glazing

Saving on Energy Costs

Living in New England, we experience sweltering heat during the summer and extreme cold during the winter. Many homeowners find themselves struggling to stay comfortable without noticing how much of their hard earned money is going right out the window. It may come as a surprise to some that as much as half of the...

Replacement Windows Worcester MA
Aluminum Windows

Benefits of Replacement Windows

Many homeowners don’t consider replacing windows until there are obvious signs that indicate window failure. Some of those signs are rotting sills and frames, or condensation and fogged glass. For owners of homes that have wood windows, the maintenance can become a burden and multiple issues arise. But there are other reasons to consider replacing...

Custom Shower Worcester MA
Glass Showers

Keep Your Shower Clean

Here is an easy way to keep your glass shower enclosure clean without using harsh chemicals. You can try this method the next time you’re taking a shower with products that are in arms reach, and say goodbye to spotted or milky glass. Just a quick scrub and some elbow grease a couple times a...