As a business owner, you may be confused about choosing between repairing or having to replace commercial glass. We are here to help you make the best decision.

It is vital to consider the defects in your commercial glass to make effective decisions for your business. It is equally essential to consider the costs between the two options and make a wise choice.

Professional installation along with proper maintenance, commercial glasses usually have a longer lifespan. However, various factors may cause damage to your commercial glass. These factors include:

  • Severe climatic conditions or exposure to scorching heat.
  • Installation of defective materials or low-quality materials.
  • Thermal inefficiency or inadequate U-factor according to the climatic conditions.
  • Low maintenance of the glass.

In this article you will learn:

Repair commercial glass:

If your commercial glass has suffered minor damages, it is better to repair them. You may repair your commercial glass if the minor damages include the minor dents or damages on the glass, stubborn windows which refuse to open and close properly, cracked caulking, etc.

These factors indicate that you immediately need to contact a commercial window manufacturer to fix the minor damages and have a quick glass repair.

In case of minor damages, the cost of repairing the windows might be lesser than replacing them. However, the cost of glass repair may depend on various factors that involve:

  • Type of the window
  • Type of damage
  • Type of repair or material replacement

Reasons to replace commercial glass:

If you are figuring out the perfect time to replace commercial glass, here is the solution. If the following problems emerge in your commercial glass, it is high time you replace them.

Let’s take a quick look at the following factors:

Foggy glass or leakage:

If you observe your glass is getting foggy or water leakages through them, you may opt for the replacement option.

Broken seals:

One of the irreversible damages caused to the windows and ultimately the commercial glass includes broken seals. Damages occur along with the seals, which might break or crack due to high temperatures or other factors. Condensation due to fog formation causes the seals to break. If fog frequently occurs, the damp seals may expand and contract. After the seal has dried, it loses its integrity.

It would be a practical option to replace your glass and the whole window as a whole since it is difficult to separate the seals from glass panes and repair or repair them alone. In short, it means if you have broken seals, you may have to replace your glass and/or windows.

Visible damage:

Due to long exposure to severe climatic conditions, including high precipitation, high temperature, storms, or other natural disasters, visible damage may occur. The visible wear and tear include broken glass frames, scratched glasses, or shrinking seals or gaskets. In case of these issues, it would be better to replace your glass.

Lack of thermal integrity:

U-factor is the rate at which the glass of your windows may transmit non-solar heat flow. Due to a large number of leakages, drafts, or gaps in the glass, the U-factor of your commercial glass may significantly reduce. You may also lose thermal integrity.

High maintenance or repair charges:

Over time your commercial glass might not stay cost-friendly due to frequent repairing, costly maintenance services, or purchasing spare parts. If they become highly demanding and you frequently invest time and resources to repair and maintain them. It would be better to replace them with newer ones.


If you are planning to upgrade the architectural structure of your offices or companies, a great way to do that is by replacing them with new, sleek and modern commercial glasses. You may customize the glass yourself or may contact a commercial window manufacturer. Replacing the glass gives a new look to your whole building and keeps it up to par.

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Improved replacement options:

The durability of commercial glass depends upon the materials. The most crucial determining factor of commercial glass durability is the framing materials. These materials help your commercial glass a decade or longer.

The framing materials that are in vogue in the modern office architecture and houses include:


Aluminum is one of the most common choices while designing window frames due to its high strength-to-weight ratio. Aluminum frames can bear long exposure to heat and severe climatic conditions.

Usually, Aluminum window frames are durable and perfect for around 15 years. It may last longer if it’s professionally and properly installed.


Wood comes under the banner of the oldest yet robust materials used for window framing. The best aspect of installing wooden frames is the life expectancy. The durability of the wood may be up to 30 years.

Due to more investment in expert installation and maintenance, commercial glasses may even last longer than three whole decades.


In modern architectural structures, fiberglass is an extremely popular choice. It can withstand intense climatic conditions. It has an excellent ability to insulate and maintain its integrity throughout the years. You can also customize fiberglass as wood. So fiberglass that resembles wood is a popular option these days.


Vinyl window frames are highly robust and durable and can easily last for about twenty years or more. There are several benefits of installing vinyl windows. Vinyl windows are easy to customize. You can customize it according to your needs and preference. Vinyl can easily resist scratches and dents. Moreover, they are resistant to moisture. Harsh weather conditions may not damage them at all.


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